a new study is a creative web design company. we strive to articulate your objectives in visually memorable way. our sites are fast-loading and designed for intuitive navigation with a general approach of keeping the look sharp and simple. aesthetics is our passion and our love of photography is married in quite closely with this, bringing you beautiful and original images to enhance your site with character and depth. our style is forward-thinking with classic sensibilties.

   another prime advantage of a new study is our ability to provide you with custom-made music for use in flash films or just as a backdrop to engage your visitors and further their experience. we have a 16-track digital studio and critically-acclaimed musicians/composers/ engineers to create at your service. our high quality sound-tracks have been successfully applied to kids-oriented sites and short films alike and they can be turned around for you in a short period of time.

   we are certified in the latest industry-standard software such as dreamweaver 4 and flash 5.