a new study shows that audio can enhance your site. audio can be embedded into flash so it is only for streaming or background purposes or you can set it up to be downloadable. here are some examples of our work. you will need the flash player to listen (get it here).

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loops for kidz site
- for this site we created 10 second clips that were then looped in flash. our only
guidelines were the titles of the various site areas.

1. happy loop

2. parent's section loop

3. funky loop
short film soundtrack
-we had one day to compose a score for this short film with only a rough draft of a script to go by.
1. theme song
2. romance sequence
3. another example (not for the movie)
album projects 1. for more details (bio, clients, etc) please visit the site for our studio
2. click to hear a few samples of jonathan inc.
3. click to download a sample of jack harlan
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