a new study has shown...

   that we are individuals with diverse backgrounds in the arts, most noteably in music and photography.

   jonathan has been performing his own original music in various incarnations for the past ten years. he has received critical acclaim in national music publications and has toured throughout canada, the us and europe. he is currently writing and performing under the name jonathan inc.

   inevitably these years of experience gained him experience in many different sides of the music industry and eventually gave way to an interest in the aesthetics involved in the packaging and
promotion of music. noticing the beautiful artwork and packaging of such labels as 4AD and how it enhanced the mood or image of different groups, jonathan began becoming involved in the concepts for the design of his cd artwork and eventually began to create his own promotional materials. his albums have repeatedly received notice for the stunning packaging.

   in the more recent past jonathan fell upon a love of photography through a fixation on the polaroid camera and the way in which it captured images in a almost sentimental way- a hazy throwback to the days of his his childhood in the 1980s. later, he inherited a mamiya from his grandfather and began to shoot obsessively, capturing little snippets of time- it parallels his love of music on so many levels. just as this love began to blossom, he headed back to school to obtain his certification in the latest macromedia web-building tools. and thus, a new study was born.

   it is our primary aim to do high-quality creative work utilizing our interests and experience.